Design And Distance Control System Using Iot Based Distance Control System

  • Haris Yuana


The Internet provides various functions and facilities that can be used as a sophisticated information and communication medium. Technological developments that can be utilized from this internet connection are being able to access electronic equipment such as room lights that can be operated online through the website. This research is motivated by the need for a remote control system that is efficient and optimal in its use in this era of globalization. With the current reality, it is demanded to be able to solve existing problems by utilizing technological sophistication and efficiency in its use. With this need, a thought emerged to create a remote control system using an IoT-based thingsboard. ThingsBoard is an open-source IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualization and device management. In thiss study using the R & D method because the final results of this study will produce a product design and build an IoT-based light remote control system. The results obtained are the lights can be lit according to orders via thingsboard. Thingsboard web server can work well. The Thingsboard web server and the NodeMCU program can be connected by using a token from Thingsboard. The light remote control system will be able to run if nodemcu and the control device (smartphone or computer) are in one wifi network.

Key words: lamp; NodeMcu; ThingsBoard


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